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Friday, September 9, 2011

Update classroom photos and randomness...

My polka dot trimmers finally came and I was able to replace all the old trimmers in my room. Slowly but surely my room is coming along. I just need to change the purple papers here, to black so that it'll kind of go with a polka dot/black and white/bits of color scheme! :)
Having to prep for a 1/2 combination class has kept me busy. Otherwise all of the room decorations would have been completed already. I really want to tear down my bulletin boards and make it turquoise like my boggle board here. But that will have to wait until things calm down at work.
I'm getting ready to create some verb worksheets to go with Amy Lemons nouns worksheets. So look for those soon.

I also moved my birthday chart down because I wanted the kids to be able to see the photos. I enjoy hearing them talk about their birthdays and when it's coming up. :)
After reading about the writing Cara at the first grade parade's doing, I knew I just had to do it too. We did our heart maps today and here's my version to show the kids.
Here are some examples from my kids. They did a really great job.:)
And here's the download of the heart map I made for my kids to use.

Lastly, I love having my kiddos draw self portraits. They just make the classroom a little happier. Here they are on my cupboards.
Have a great weekend!

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