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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homework Binders

My fabulous team created this homework binder for our first graders to use. The kids bring it home each night and return it to school the next day. They need to bring it home because they need to get their parents to initial their behavior chart that I discussed about here. The students also have to take their decodable books home, read it to their parents, get their parents to sign the book and return to school the next day. There's a spot for that book in their binder as well.

So, when you open the binder we have a sheet in English and Spanish which explains what our binder is and the reason for it.
Next, comes a "key" for the behavior chart and a behavior chart so the parents can see how their child is doing in the classroom each day.
The next page is the pocket for the decodable.
Then a list of our sight words, some addition/subtraction facts, a 100s chart, a sheet to teach how to form letters, we also have a folder that the school bought where we put into the binder. (I don't have a picture of that.) This folder is where we send home notes, completed assignments, etc.
Lastly, in the back pocket we have an explanation about homework and it's importance. That's the pocket where we send home our weekly homework in also.

We love this and it helps the students stay organized. Well, as organized as 1st graders can be. :)

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