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Monday, September 26, 2011

:) Blogland

Since I teach Open Court, I always feel that my posts are "boring" compared to all the fun and exciting blogs out in blogland. I wish I had more time to do what I really want instead of filling up the days with Open Court and enVision. That's why I haven't really posted much about what I do in the classroom. It just doesn't seem as interesting. I try my best to make Open Court fun for my firsties, but for those of you who teaches Open Court, it's pretty scripted and not much you can do.

So I was very excited when Victoria from The wise and witty teacher awarded my little blog as a versatile blogger. :) If you haven't checked her out, go on over and see all that she does.
I love blogland. There are so many great ideas and inspiration to help me become a better teacher.

So thanks Victoria! You've just motivated me to blog more about what I'm doing. Even if it may seem boring to me, I can still share the little things I do to try and make Open Court interesting.

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